Profile of MINISKIRT

Miniskirt is a guitar pop band based in Tokyo. They released their debut album "Woody Allen Likes Guitar
Pop" on the German indie-pop label Marsh-Marigold Records. The CD contains 11 guitar pop songs. The
Taiwanese version of this album (plus one bonus track) has been released in spring 2005 on White
Wabbit Records. In the last two years MINISKIRT were touring all over Japan and playing live shows in
Germany, South Korea, Philippines, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Following some contributions to indie-pop
compilation CD's on Canadian, US-American and Spanish labels.
The second album "Audrey Hebpurn Kiss Me Kiss Me"will be released on September 3, 2014.
MINISKIRT are currently working on their third album.

members of MINISKIRT:

Edgar (Germany): vocals, hairdryer, guitar
Tatsumune (Japan): lead guitar
Sachiko (Japan): vocals, flute, accordion
Kenmi (Japan): drums, guitar
Makiko (Japan): bass
Mai (Japan): synthesizer
Taisuke (Japan): guitar

special guest members:

John Berry (USA): male dancer
Tomo-kun (Japan): recording engineer
Greg (Canada): recording engineer
Taku Sato (Japan): video performance
Koyo Suzukida (Japan): photo art

ex-members of MINISKIRT include:

Jim Curran (USA): drums (lives now in Chicago)
Yasuhisa Obata (Japan): bass (plays in his own band Snowball in Tokyo)
Min Sung (Korea): bass (ex-Linus Blanket, plays now successfully in his band Komorebi in Osaka)
Jonny (Scotland): keyboards, bass (plays unsuccessfully in a band in Tokyo)

MINISKIRT is a band based in Tokyo They were formed by Edgar and Tatsumune. MINISKIRT play guitar pop. They like British bands like Felt, Pastels, Jesus & Mary Chain, Field Mice, Smiths, BMX Bandits, Weather Prophets, Belle & Sebastian, Close Lobsters, Razorcuts and Pale Fountains. Most of the songs have English lyrics, but some of the lyrics are in German. In MINISKIRT songs a lot of artists are name-dropped like Hank Williams, Thelonious Monk and Woody Allen. This may remind you of Dan Treacy's song-writing. In the Japanese lyrics of J-Pop songs English words appear quite often because Japanese think that they sound cool. MINISKIRT play with this idea. Sometimes they use Japanese expressions in their English lyrics. In the song "Woody Allen likes Japanese Noise Rock" Edgar sings: "my job is writing jokes for a very small newspaper company, but no jokes come up to my mind, I feel so goddamn sad and lonely, Tokyo is a city hard to live and everybody is so isogashii."(isogashii means "busy" in Japanese).

John Berry from New Jersey is in love with Miniskirt and their song "Her Blue Contact Lenses Make Me Crazy."Besides singing this song in restaurants and on subways, he used to come up to the stage during MINISKIRT shows, loose himself in wild dancing and cheering the audience. John was living in Tokyo for a couple of years, but in September 2005 he moved to the Philippines.

Some Japanese think that MINISKIRT named themselves after a song of the same title by the Japanese pop artist Kaji Hideki, but MINISKIRT heard of that song after they had already decided on their band name.MINISKIRT originally started with some different band members as "THE MINI SKIRTS". But after a reformation of the band it was time for a radical change of the band name.

MINISKIRT released their debut album "WOODY ALLEN LIKES GUITAR POP" on the German indie-pop labelMarsh-Marigold Records. The CD contains 11 guitar pop songs. The Taiwanese version of "WOODY ALLEN LIKES GUITAR POP" has been released on White Wabbit Records. It contains one bonus track (Schlechte Laune). MINISKIRT are currently working on their second album.

Details on the band members

Edgar: The vocalist is a mysterious German who settled in Japan. It seems Edgar wants to be Stephen Pastel . When he stands in front of the microphone and looks up to the starless ceiling he looks with the same glassy and dreamy eyes as his Scottish hero. On one song Edgar plays a hairdryer which can be regarded as an appropriate pop answer to the German noisemakers Einstuerzende Neubauten. Edgar works as a university teacher. His book on "Siebold and the Opening of Japan" was published in August 2005.

Tatsumune: He states that he never practices to play guitar, but nobody believes him. His style of playing jingle jangle pop guitar makes you speechless. His collection of guitar pop CDs comprises more than 2000. Edgar met him on New Year's Day at a D.J.-event in Tokyo's famous girl-hunting district Roppongi. Tatsumune works for a fashion design company in Shibuya.

Sachiko: She is completely unflappable. A while ago a huge construction site materialized in front of her window. Nevertheless she is always happy. She joined MINISKIRT in February 2001. Sachiko works at the head office of a big

Kenmi: He joined MINISKIRT in October 2001 after he answered a "We are looking for a drummer" message that Edgar put on the notice board of Tokyo's second best guitar pop record shop Vinyl Japan in Shinjuku. Before Kenmi joined MINISKIRT he played in a band called Heartly. They released a song on a ROVER RECORDS compilation. Kenmi works for a computer hardware distribution company.

Makiko: She joined MINISKIRT on bass since November 2003. On stage she looks like Kim Gordon. She played also in the band Lost In Found, which split up in January 2006.

Taisuke: He played sporadically as a guest guitarist for MINISKIRT until he finally joined the band in May 2005. He was one of the founding members of Lost In Found, but left them after they got too ambitiously busy.

Mai: She also has her own super cute one-girl band project Trupen. She joined MINISKIRT on synthesizer in March 2004, just before their Korea tour. Mai lives in Osaka.


Min Sung: The Korean Min Sung joined MINISKIRT on bass from November 2001 to July 2002. Edgar met him at Club Chu in Shibuya at the guitar pop D.J.-event Rainbow Valley which was named after the same-titled classic song by Dolly Mixture. Min Sung returned to Seoul in July 2002, where he was playing in the happy pop band Linus' Blanket. Now he lives in Osaka, playing in the folk-pop band Komorebi.

Jonny: Jonny comes from Glasgow/Scotland. He was at university with Belle & Sebastian. Jonny joined MINISKIRT on keyboard and bass from May 2002 to July 2003. Edgar met him at a live show at Eggside in Shibuya where My Coffee Moment, Poussin, Orange and Vasallo Crab 75 played an unforgettable show.
His new band is called Jisatsu Shitai which is Japanese and means "We want to comit suicide".

Jim: Jim comes from Chicago. He is a great guy and one of the top guitar pop drummers in the world. He joined the first formation of MINISKIRT on drums when they were still called THE MINI SKIRTS. His favourite band is the Softies. When MINISKIRT played a show at Marsh-Marigold 15th Anniversary Festival in Hamburg/Germany in spring 2004, Jim flew in from London to join for this historic event. Now he lives in Vancouver.